3 Best Places For Halloween Brunch In 2022

The rule is – as soon as October begins, we have every right to say Halloween season has started. So, congrats to all the spooky season lovers that couldn’t wait for their favorite time of the year.

Pumpkin lattes, earth tones, and a whole lot of decorations are coming, and they’re here to stay for the remainder of October.

If you’re spending the scariest holiday of the year in Miami, you’re in quite the luck. Halloween in Miami isn’t something you get to experience every day. This city is one of the most incredible places on earth, and spending such a popular holiday in town will be an unforgettable adventure.

We suggest starting your day with a proper meal. And, what better way to do that than by going to a well-deserved Halloween brunch?

Luckily, we know all the best Miami brunch spots, and we’ve put them on a list. Keep reading this article if you wish to know about the brunch places in Miami that you should visit on October 31st. 

Glass and Vine – The Best Brunch in Miami

If you wish to spend Halloween brunch in a setting you’ve never experienced before, Glass and Vine is the place to visit. This restaurant’s patio is something out of a movie and a place we can’t praise enough.

Glass and Vine’s outdoor venue is best described as a secret garden by the sea. But what do we mean by that?

Well, to put it plainly, you’ll enjoy having Halloween brunch nestled amidst unbelievable nature. This place is located in a space that resembles a park with plenty of tables and seating options.

Now, you have a better idea of why Glass and Vine is at the top of our list of the best brunch places in Miami. 

However, the garden isn’t the only impressive thing about this spot. 

The food, naturally, plays a huge factor in deciding which restaurant is worth your time. And, since this place is leading our list, you can believe it’s got quite a menu.

Not only are the meals tasty, but most of the ingredients are locally sourced and meant for sharing at the table. So, if you want Halloween in Miami to bring you closer to your brunch companions, bring them to Glass and Vine, and share a few dishes.

Starting with a cheese platter for the table is always a great idea. When it comes to the mains, we can never say no to the ribeye. But, this place has quite an extensive menu, so you don’t have to worry about everyone finding something they like.

Give this place a visit and see why it’s one of our favorite Miami brunch spots. After that, it will only be a matter of time until you become a regular here too.

Bulla Gastrobar

First of all, it’s pronounced “boo-ya.” We should get that out of the way so you know the name before you visit this place for Halloween in Miami.

This place was inspired by famous gastro bars in Spain. Carlos Centurion was the brains behind the idea, and his goal was to create a spot that would give you a unique experience while serving fantastic food.

The first location of Bulla was in Coral Gables. It didn’t take long before it became one of the best brunch places in Miami and the area. 

The success of the first location inspired the opening of another spot in Downtown Doral. But what’s so special about this place?

The bar and open kitchen area are quite a unique experience, setting an energetic vibe. The owner puts great emphasis on always creating high-quality, breathtaking, not to mention, flavorful gastronomic creations. So, you can be sure that only the freshest and finest ingredients are being used at this establishment.

Seasonal menus, tantalizing tapas, and hand-crafted cocktails are only some of the things you’ll try at Bulla. 

And, we’re only getting to “the best brunch in Miami” part.

This place has a special brunch-tasting menu. It includes a three-course prix-fixe. And, of course, bottomless mimosas are there to make things a bit more fun for everybody.

Huevos Bulla is the first menu item that comes to mind when we think of this place. The homemade potato chips, topped with a fried egg and a few more perfectly-paired ingredients, is a meal you shouldn’t skip.

If you prefer sweeter dishes to start your Halloween celebrations, you’re in for a treat. Bulla serves blueberry and ricotta pancakes. Give them a shot, and you’ll see why they stand out and what makes this one of our favorite Miami brunch spots.

Cafe Bastille

Estelle and Ben are a French couple from Paris who share the same passion for brunch. The couple spent years in the hospitality industry developing their craft before making the big step and opening their own spot.

Who would’ve thought that their first attempt would end up serving the best brunch in Miami?

The owners believe their shared experiences are the reason behind their immense success. 

Traveling the world and tasting brunches from all its different parts can be quite inspirational. Their trips to Paris gave them the idea of opening an all-day French cafe.

Working in the restaurant industry means you don’t have the weekends off. And, since most places in the US do brunch only at the end of the week, most restaurant workers don’t get to have that experience.

So, to give their colleagues a shot at having brunch at any time, Estelle and Ben came up with the idea of Café Bastille.

The restaurant is located in downtown Miami, and as we mentioned, brunch is served every day. Yes, you’ve read that right!

The whole venue gives off vibes of Parisian cafés, so if you wish to reminisce about the time you spent in the French capital, make your way to downtown Miami.

The food in this place is just as attractive as its design. The kitchen prepared unbelievable crepes, pancakes, eggs Benedict, and all other brunch-time specials.

Strawberry bellinis and bottomless mimosas are there to complete the ensemble, and on the weekends – there’s even a DJ.

Visit Cafe Bastille and experience French brunch in the US.

Glass and Vine Is the Place to Visit

There are many great brunch spots all over Miami. However, none of them compare to Glass and Vine.

Apart from all the tasty food, excellent service, and homemade cocktails, you’ll get to experience a setting you don’t see very often. Enjoy having brunch at the secret garden by the sea, and check if anything compares to the experience.