5 Best Family Friendly Restaurants In Miami

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If you’ve got kids, you know how hard it is to find family restaurants in Miami. Most of the places out there are more meant for partying than taking the kids with you.

However, Florida’s party capital does have its fair share of kids-friendly restaurants. If you wish to know what they are, you’re in the right spot on the internet. 

In this article, we’ve listed a few of our favorite places to bring the whole family. Once you check out our list, you’ll know the best family restaurants in Miami for years to come.

So wait no more, and start reading! 

Or, to skip straight to the best one, come to Glass & Vine and enjoy spending time with the family.

Root & Bone

Who loves comfort food, if not kids? Of course, grown-ups enjoy it just as much when Michelin-star chefs prepare it. And that’s the case at Root & Bone.

At all of their restaurants, chefs Janine Booth and Jeffrey McInnis find a way to put their signature touch on the food. Comfort food is that touch. Whether we’re talking about an Italian restaurant or a seafood place, these folks know how to make it a bit tastier than the competition.

If there’s one type of food that pretty much everyone enjoys, it’s likely comfort food. So, if you’re planning a dinner with a longer guest list, this option is definitely worth considering. Everyone will be able to find something they’ll like, after all. 

We all know how difficult kids can be when going outside to eat. Well, you won’t hear any complaints when they see the menu at Root & Bone. And, when looking for good restaurants for families, that’s something worth quite a bit.

The supper menu includes everything from chicken biscuits and pumpkin soup to heavier items like fried chicken and barbecue ribs. But this place is also a perfect restaurant for brunch with the kids. They’ll get to enjoy mac & cheese, waffles, and so on. 

And no one’s stopping you from having the same order, right?

Glass & Vine

If you appreciate the venue as much as the food, this place is undoubtedly the place for you. Not many kids-friendly restaurants have the setting this place has, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Glass & Vine is a restaurant hidden in the wild beauty of nature. That may seem odd, but just one look at the outdoor setting of this place, and you’ll understand why it’s among the best family restaurants in Miami.

Who wouldn’t enjoy spending the night among lush greenery while enjoying the tastiest food you can imagine? We wouldn’t want to skip that party, that’s for sure.

This restaurant’s garden is a hidden treasure of the city, and you and your kids should go for a visit. The chef takes pride in using locally-sourced ingredients, so you know your little ones will be munching on meals of the highest quality.

The chicken gnocchi with black truffles is the item that sticks out from the lunch menu. Of course, if you’re more of a meat eater, go for the black Angus ribeye. It’s 16oz, so make sure you come hungry.

Glass & Vine is another decent restaurant for brunch with the whole family. Miami’s immaculate weather, nature, and amazing food are quite a way to start the day. So, give it a shot next time you don’t feel like waking up for breakfast.

La Mar

Many would consider La Mar one of the city’s best establishments, but luckily, this place is still among the good restaurant for families. They are still happy to accept kids, and we’re delighted about it.

Firstly, this place has one of the best views in the city. Secondly (but not in quality), the food is everything you wish it to be. Chef Diego Oka is a mastermind in the kitchen, and he isn’t afraid to show it.

His Peruvian delicacies will sweep you off your feet from the first bite you have. And, what’s more impressive – he keeps coming up with new stuff. 

None of the items on the menu stay unchanged for too long, as Oka tends to make small adjustments based on inspiration. As he travels the world, he gathers new experiences worth implementing into the dishes at La Mar. And we love it!

Not only does everything taste excellent, but the presentation is just as impressive. The chef cares about every detail and makes sure you fall in love with each plate as soon as you lay your eyes on it. 

What else can we ask for from a restaurant? Visit La Mar and see if it’s on your list of the best family restaurants in Miami.


You won’t find many kids-friendly restaurants that deserve that title as much as Ms. Cheezious. After all, this place is all about the cheesiest sandwiches you can think of.

What was once an award-winning food truck is now an Upper Eastside restaurant ideal for families with kids. And their back patio is perfect for the kids to burn off a few calories they just consumed. Or if your kids don’t feel like running after a meal, have fun playing board games these guys have in the restaurant. 

They come in handy for kids that don’t have much patience when outside.

Now, more about the food. Yes, you can make grilled cheese at home. But, no – it won’t be as good as this one. Sorry to burst your bubble, but your sandwich-making skills aren’t as high level as you think. Once you try the monstrosities these guys make, you’ll understand why.

From pulled-pork versions to goat cheese variations with prosciutto and even Southern fried chicken – there’s nothing Ms. Cheezious can’t pull off.

So, if your kids love sandwiches (and whose don’t), maybe you should consider taking them to the Upper Eastside.

The Wharf

Those who long for a perfect afternoon outing with their family should consider visiting The Wharf. This place is home to a rotating roster of vendors and food trucks that will give the kids more than enough options.

The Wharf has a vibe that resembles a carnival, with plenty of games to entertain the little ones. Take turns playing ping pong, cornhole, and other fun games after finding your favorite restaurant out of the bunch.

Visit Glass & Vine

There’s no doubt in our minds that Glass & Vine is the premier location for both kids and parents to enjoy. It gives the kids a chance to spend some time in nature without you having to throw a picnic or organize a barbecue.

Instead, the entire family gets to try a high-quality meal, and everyone enjoys the afternoon. There are plenty of good restaurants for families out there, but if you’re looking for the best – Glass & Vine is our recommendation.