5 Reasons Sunday Brunch is the Most Important Meal of the Week

Hands View of Young People Eating Brunch

You probably know that the word Brunch is a mix of the words breakfast and lunch. In addition to steak and eggs, which is the common choice for brunch, you can also add some avocado toast, bacon, and salads to complete the menu – or even go with a full American breakfast or chicken and waffles. When you think about how brunch got its name, it’s not difficult to realize why brunch is always a good idea. Especially on weekends.

When the weekend comes, it’s not uncommon to wake up late. Sleep in. You’ve deserved it! You don’t need to have regular breakfast since it’ll already be lunchtime in a couple of hours.      Don’t want to waste your time making some food? Find a place to eat and drink. There is always a specific menu for brunch. The brunch menu here at Glass & Vine is absolutely fabulous! This is why brunch is an ideal first meal of the day during the weekend.

1. Take Things Easy as You have All the Time You Need

You’re Never Late

Who cares about the time that you have to wake up on Sunday? This is the day that you can stay in bed for as long as you like and sleep in. It’s the weekend and you are free to do whatever you want. Don’t worry about work and enjoy every moment. Even if you wake up at noon you can satiate your hunger and start your day right with some tasty brunch, regardless of whether you’re up for an American breakfast, steak and eggs, avocado toast, or some chicken and waffles.

Save Your Time

As you wake up late you don’t need to waste time on making a great meal. You can take the things that you already have in the refrigerator and make something relatively simple. Pick ingredients that are easy to prepare. Sometimes you only need to spend 30 minutes to make a perfectly delectable brunch. The ‘easy’ ingredients include eggs, bread, coffee, meat, bacon, onions, salads, dairy, and ham.

2. Enjoy Some Quality Time with Your Friends and/or Family Members

Have a Happy Hour with Your Friends

If you are inviting your friends over to your home on Sunday, brunch is a perfect meal to serve. It doesn’t require much work and you can all relax during this time. This is a great chance to socialize and catch up while enjoying delicious food. You can also decide to all go to a restaurant as well.


You can mix things up a little by introducing alcohol to your brunch menu. For instance, Bloody Mary pairs rather well with some cheeses and salads.

3. Feel the Joy of Not Having to Think or Cook Too Hard

Option Are Endless

When you wake up, you don’t really have to think too hard about what to eat. When it comes to brunch these days, everything is allowed, be that pancakes, steak and eggs, avocado toast, bread, chicken, or ground beef.

Fewer Dishes and Cutlery

When you invite friends over for a brunch, you can serve everything on a plate as bite-size food or create a true buffet experience. Thanks to the nature of brunch food, you won’t need to use too many dishes to prepare or serve it. And you can easily opt for finger foods to make things easier for cleaning up later.

4. Save Money

When you are eating brunch you can save more money rather than separating the meals. Essentially, putting two meals in one can save you more money. What’s more, you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of different ingredients for overly complex meals.

Here are some options for your brunch:

  • Coffee and milk
  • Tea hot or cold; it depends on the season
  • Juice or soda
  • Slices of bread and avocado toast
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Ham
  • Honey or jelly
  • Yogurts
  • Sausage
  • Fruits
  • Chicken and waffles
  • Full American breakfast

5. Be Present and Experience Every Second to the Fullest

When brunch is concerned, you don’t have to bother yourself with cooking a complex meal. Quite the contrary, prepare simple things that will make you happy yet full. Not only is it practical to opt for brunch, but it’s also rather easy. You usually have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen already. For many people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, when you wake up late, that’s not necessarily the case. Mixing bits of both lunch and breakfast will make for more comfort, especially if you also take the time to enjoy the atmosphere.

You also have the opportunity to use the season as your brunch guide. Use seasonal fruits and veggies for instance. Make some refreshing cocktails or warm beverages. Most importantly, surround yourself with people you love and enjoy every second of it.

Most people don’t have work on Sundays. While it’s necessary to wake up early and rush into your daily responsibilities during the workweek, take the time to relax on weekends. Of course, brunch is no longer only reserved for Sundays. Due to the different schedules that people follow around the world, brunch menus have become popular every day of the week. That said, if you’re looking for a nice brunch meal without having to prepare it yourself, don’t hesitate to gather your friends or colleagues, and pay us a visit at Glass & Vine. This can be your chance to relax and unwind, and have someone else cook for you.

Situated next to the seaside, we at Glass & Vine are 100% sure that you’ll enjoy both our menu and the pleasant setting. Pair your dishes of choice with the finest wines we have to offer and use this opportunity to treat yourself and your loved ones.