6 Best Outdoor Restaurants To Try This Summer In Miami

Eating in an Outdoor Restaurant

Summer is here, and everyone wants to go outside. Like every year, the key to surviving the season is knowing the best outdoor restaurants in Miami. Hardly will you be able to enjoy your time in Florida without knowing a few places with outdoor seating where you can relax in the shade.

But don’t worry, we know all about outdoor dining in Miami. In fact, we’ve gathered a list of the best outdoor restaurants this city and the area have to offer.

Check out who made the cut and decide which one of these places will be your next favorite spot. 

And, for those who only want to know about the best outdoor experience in the Miami area, visit Glass & Vine, and you can’t go wrong.

Tigre Miami

If your friends appreciate interior design and the color green, this is the place where you want to take them. This place and its outdoor setting are perfect for dates, friends, and any other occasion when you need some time to forget about the stress of everyday life.

The location may be pretty close to a busy intersection of Biscayne and 79th, but the time spent in this venue makes you forget all about it.

Though most would put this Argentinian restaurant among the best outdoor restaurants in Miami because of its design, the food isn’t bad either.

The menu mainly consists of small plates inspired by Argentinian classics with a modern approach. There are multiple choices, including veggie options and steak entrees. So, anyone can find something they like.

And, at Tigre Miami, they take pride in serving local products. So, what else do you need to spend a day relaxing next to the river?

Take a day off and enjoy some time at one of the best places with outdoor seating Miami has to offer.

Chug’s Diner

Chug’s may have begun its journey as a fusion experiment, but it quickly evolved into a Coconut Grove institution and one of the coolest outdoor restaurants in the area.

After the renovations, the diner’s been looking better than ever. It feels like a completely new place, and the vibe is fantastic.

The patio is filled with plants and shade making it perfect for summer nights.

The chef tried to combine his love for American diners and his Cuban family heritage into a restaurant menu and did an excellent job at it. Cooking with his heart gave Chug the best results, and these dishes aren’t something you’ll skip easily.

Whether we’re talking about pancakes and mac n cheese, a traditional Cuban dish, or a fun mix of the two, it will likely leave you happy and full. 

Visit Coconut Grove and check out Chug’s diner. Only then you’ll know if it’s among your favorite outdoor restaurants.

Luca Osteria

Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli created Luca Osteria to reflect his Italian heritage and show his appreciation for the traditional cuisine of his people.

Giorgio combines modern techniques and traditional recipes to bring new creations to life at one of the best restaurants with outdoor dining in Miami. You’ll find many unexpected ingredients combined and turned into unbelievable dishes you’ve never had before.

The restaurant is located along the Giralda Plaza, with plenty of seating outdoors. This is a pedestrian-only area, so you’ll get to avoid the noise of cars and enjoy your food in peace.

For many people, pasta seems to be the main event at this place. However, there are plenty of non-pasta meals we’re happy to recommend. For example, the Patate Fritte is something you need to try. You won’t find it anywhere else in the city, and it’s one of the best meals you can have.

Don’t skip on Luca Osteria and enjoy Italian food in a peaceful outdoor setting.


Yes, this is an outdoor wine bar. People mostly visit Lagniappe to have a drink, but they do have a small food menu. 

You can head to the backyard and order something from the grill. Usually, that’s salmon, chicken, or veggies, which are all decent options for a summer night with vine. Meat and cheese plates are also available for those who wish to feel like they’re in the Mediterranean.

So many guests decide to spend their first days here, and who can blame them. Not many places with outdoor seating offer the advantages Lagniappe does.

This place has live music every night. And, did we mention the vine, meats, and cheese? Yup. It has everything it needs to be on our list. 

Spend your first date at this venue and see if it works out.

Bay 13 Brewery & Kitchen

Talk about a fun mix of two businesses. 

This place is just as much a brewery as it is a restaurant. However, it’s still one of the most incredible outdoor dining Miami places you’ll find.

Two Australian accountants decided to open this place and showcase their hospitality in South Florida. And they’ve been pretty good at it.

These guys make their own beers, so it is completely acceptable to come here for drinks only. In fact, they’ve got some day-drinking brews perfect for that occasion. 

But, those who decide to visit for drinks only will skip half the fun. The fish and chips these guys serve are likely the best this town has seen in a while.

Pairing the high-quality food and the homemade beers works quite well, so we say skipping one of them won’t be the right choice. 

Check out Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen and let a local brew cool you off. The patio is quite spacious, so there’ will be room for everyone. 

Glass & Vine

Who can say no to a relaxing evening in a garden by the sea? Well, Glass & Vine offers you precisely that.

This place leads our list of the best outdoor restaurants in Miami for multiple reasons.

Firstly, the venue. This isn’t just any garden. The experience of having dinner at Glass & Vine will be something you remember for a while. You’ll be surrounded by friends, family, great nature, and live music. 

Yes, they have a live band most nights.

When you add unbelievable food to the equation, it’s easy to understand why we appreciate Glass & Vine so much. The dinner menu is quite long, so you won’t have trouble finding something for your entire party. 

Whether your family is into tuna, chicken, or steaks, their chefs will make it top-notch. The Black Angus Ribeye is our suggestion, but if you need something lighter, the salmon is a sure hit as well.

The cocktail list is just as impressive, so you’ll get to enjoy great drinks during your visit.

Come to Glass & Vine, check out our patio, and enjoy our food and drinks. You’ll quickly realize why we’re the best outdoor restaurant in Miami.