Best Miami Outdoor Restaurants For Miami Spice


The season between august first and the end of September used to be slow in the Miami area. That’s why restaurant owners started the Miami spice trend of low prices. By being more affordable than during the season, Miami spice restaurants brought more people into the city and their dining rooms.

Nowadays, the area has no problems with tourism. Miami is crawling with people from all over the world regardless of the time of the year.

But still, many places in the city honor the tradition of featuring a few more affordable items on the menu during this season.

Since August has almost begun, we’ve prepared a list of the best outdoor restaurants in Miami you need to visit before fall comes.

So keep reading, and see which place fits your taste the best.

Glass and Vine

If you’re to get a meal in an environment you aren’t used to – this is the place to visit. Glass and Vine is one of the unique Miami outdoor restaurants and is on this list for a reason.

This place has one of the best gardens you’ll see in your life. In fact, it’s best described as a secret garden by the sea. Their backyard is pretty much a park with seats and set tables.

And the food is nothing short of amazing. We all love trying local dishes with food from the area, and that’s precisely what Glass and Vine provides. This restaurant uses locally sourced produce in their meals, and the results are unbelievable.

The dinner menu is extensive, so you don’t have to worry if you’ll find something for everyone in your group. This place serves tuna tartare, Peruvian dishes, and ribeyes, so no one is leaving hungry.

And, to top it all off, there’s a live band playing every Wednesday night. So if you wish to experience the best outdoor restaurants in Miami during the Miami spice season, put Glass and Vine on your list.

Bayshore Club

You won’t find many Miami outdoor restaurants with a story as interesting as Bayshore’s. This place is located in Miami’s oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove. 

Dinner Key was once an island but was connected to the mainland in 1914 and soon became one of the best spots to have a picnic on the coastal cruise around the city. This is the location of today’s Bayshore Club

This place holds an important role in America’s history in WWI. From 1918. until the end of the war, it was one of the country’s naval air stations. Through the 30s and 40s, it served as a base for flying boats known as Clipper planes.

Nowadays, one of the best Miami spice restaurants is in this location and will host you to an unforgettable meal during the season.

Their signature menu features dishes such as seared snapper filet and crusted tuna. This place won’t leave you hungry if it happens to be your restaurant of choice for your night in Florida.

Chug’s Diner

Chug’s started as an experiment. It was a fusion of Cuban and American diner culture that happened to work and turned into one of the best outdoor restaurants in Miami.

It opened in 2019 but really came to shine after the renovations. The interior was updated, and the outdoor area became a sanctuary for people who enjoy eating outside.

Chug’s big courtyard is now a patio filled with shaded tables surrounded by plants. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy dinner while looking at the stars.

Now, the menu. It’s both what you would expect and a few surprises on the way. You can find the best Pollo a la Milanesa here, but their meatloaf isn’t bad either.

As we said, this place has quite the ambiance, so just having a few drinks outside will be a pleasurable evening. So, check out the cocktail menu, get a glass in your hand, and enjoy!

And, they’re becoming one of the Miami Spice restaurants, so give them a visit during the season and grab something half price.

The Lido Bayside Grill

If you’re all about the view, look no further. Lido Bayside is known for one thing, and that’s their famous waterfront.

The restaurant is located in Miami Beach, in the Standard Spa, which usually means a celebrity sighting is an option. So, beware of superstars when you’re going this way.

The menu isn’t the primary reason people keep coming back, but it won’t disappoint either. Most of the dishes are shareable, but you can also get a decent burger for a fair price.

There is also a raw bar featuring a decent array of seafood options.

However, going for drinks and enjoying the view can turn out to be the perfect evening. So visit this place and enjoy the view most Miami spice restaurants don’t have.

Doce Provisions

We have another Cuban fusion place on the list. It is Miami, and this city can offer the best Cuban-American food mix in the world.

The restaurant is located in Little Havana, a block away from Calle Ocho. 

The kitchen is famous for its vaca frita tostones, and the Cuban sandwich people go to Little Havana to sample. And, of course, if you’re looking for a place to have a great meal outside, Doce Provisions has something to offer.

Their back patio features picnic benches and romantic string lights. During the day, you can use the shade of the pergolas to hide from the sun and grab a meal while cooling off. 

Cuban meals aren’t all they offer, and if you’re a fan of fried chicken, you’ll enjoy this place just as much.

Shuckers Bar & Grill

Let’s go to the island of North Bay Village to visit one of the best Miami outdoor restaurants. Shuckers Bar & Grill is known for the view, but the grilled wings and fresh seafood make you come back for more.

The restaurant also features a fully stocked bar, local beers, unique cocktails, and everything else you need to have a perfect Florida day.

If you’re sailing around the island and wish to grab a quick bite to go, this place has a solution. Their “Sail Away” menu is made precisely for those occasions.

And this place has one of the best breakfasts in the area. Who wouldn’t like to have breakfast on a rooftop on an island next to Miami? Visit Shuckers from 7:30 AM – to 10:30 AM and make your friends’ dreams come true. 

Visit Glass & Vine

Many places have decent outdoor settings and patios you’ll enjoy. However, none hold a candle to Glass & Vine. This place is special from top to bottom and surely worth a visit while you’re in Miami.