Best Places For Dinner During Miami Swim Week 2022

Delicious Dish and Glass of Wine in Miami Restaurant

Are you ready to show off your beach body? Miami swim week 2022 is almost here, and it’s time to bring out the bathing suits.

If you’re going to be in the city for this event, you’ll need a few places to eat in Miami. If you aren’t from the area, you probably don’t know any good restaurants or how to choose where to get dinner in Miami. 

That’s where this article comes in quite handy.

We’ve done the research, gathered all the best restaurants in Miami, Florida, and put them on a list. So, check out our blog if you’re looking for a fun time, a great meal, and a few cocktails to spice things up.

What is Miami Swim Week 2022?

Miami swim week is an annual event that happens in Miami Beach around July. This year, the event is held from July 14th to the 21st.

At this social gathering, people from all over the States find their way to the beach and show off their bathing suits. Of course, the event isn’t only about swimwear.

During Miami swim week 2022, you’ll find a bunch of parties and other similar activities in the area.

The Best Places to Eat in Miami

It’s time to find a Miami restaurant you’ll love and return to during your time in the city. Check out the best of the best and see where to get dinner in Miami.

Glass and Vine

It’s hard to find a more exciting outdoor dining experience than at this restaurant. Glass and Vine is known as a secret garden at the beach where you get to have unbelievable dishes and cocktails.

The restaurant is located inside a park, so you’ll have dinner between flowers, trees, and other greenery. It’s not an experience you get to have any day.

Of course, the food is just as good as the environment.

Their menu features a decent selection of starters, salads, and main dishes. And to be honest, it’s pretty challenging to pick only one item to recommend.

So, we’ll give you one of each. We’d start our dinner in Miami with a tuna tartare and follow it up with a chicken Mediterranean salad or a Black Angus Ribeye, depending on how hungry we came in.

So, there will surely be something for everyone.  

This Miami restaurant also has live music from Wednesday to Saturday. So if you want to enjoy some jazz in the park, this is the place to go. The music style fits the environment perfectly, and it’s hard to imagine a more romantic and relaxing way to spend a night in Miami.

La Mar

If you’re looking for something a bit different and wish to change things up from eating burgers and Caesar salads, you might want to check out La Mar.

Renowned chef Gaston Acurio owns this upscale Peruvian restaurant. It’s located inside the Mandarin Oriental, and many say it’s worth visiting.

This Miami restaurant serves dishes you likely won’t find anywhere else. You’ll get to try meals made with such precision and technique that you’ll be amazed. For example, every ceviche chef Acurio makes is garnished with edible flowers and foams. Not many places to eat in Miami simultaneously show off this type of luxury and quality.

Last fall, the restaurant switched up the menu, and the guests seem to love it. From the tuna tostada to the conchitas a la parmesana, everything’s worth a recommendation.

But keep in mind, if you’re going for the conchitas, things will be a bit messy. There’s a whole lot of aged parmesan on there, so prepare a few napkins before you start.

If this isn’t enough to get you to visit one of the best restaurants in Miami, Florida, then maybe the view will do the trick.

Their waterfront patio features a 360-degree view that is tough to match. Give La Mar a visit and see if it fits your vibe. It’s surely one of our favorite places to eat in Miami.

Luca Osteria

Miami offers a wide range of international restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. Luca Osteria is chef Giorgio Rapicavoli’s modern interpretation of traditional Italian dishes.

He wanted to reflect his family’s love for the country, its people, and of course, the cuisine.

So the chef plays with the mixture of tradition, unpredictable combinations, and unique flavors. But, he does the same with the cocktails.

What’s Miami swim week 2022 without a few original drinks you’ve never had before. So, head on to Luca Osteria to try something new and get a banana espresso martini. Or, order the Portofino, a cocktail that features a drizzle of olive oil.

And, the food will go perfectly with the drinks. Naturally, this Italian restaurant serves unbelievable pasta. During your visit, you’ll want to try all of the different options they have. So, you’ll likely be coming back after your first meal turns out to be delicious.

Check out Luca Osteria and see why all local Italians claim it’s among the best restaurants in Miami, Florida.


You probably haven’t imagined spending Miami swim week in a museum. BUT, this place is worth visiting the Rubell.

Leku is a restaurant that features all the best from Spain’s Basque country. So, prepare yourself for high-quality wines and some signature burnt cheesecake.

Miami has a bunch of Spanish restaurants around the city, but this one seems to stand out. They take a different, playful approach to Spanish cuisine and do a great job.

You can expect dishes like short rib sliders. Not a bad quick bite, in our opinion.

Keep in mind that no shorts, flip flops, or tank tops are allowed. You’ll have to class it up a bit when visiting this museum restaurant. But, once you try the food, you’ll see it was worth it.


Mamey is a mixture of a few different cuisines. The owner and head chef Niven Patel used his travels through France, Polynesia, Asia, and the Caribbean to inspire the menu for this restaurant.

This award-winning chef really showed off his skills with this place. The meals steer away from the recognizable flavors and give you a unique experience instead.

Chef Niven Patel is known for implementing local ingredients in his dishes. And the same goes for Mamey and its menu. What’s even more impressive is that most of the fresh ingredients come from the chef’s farm in Homestead.

The chef isn’t afraid to use spices in his creations, but the meals are well-balanced, and you don’t need to be scared of burning your tongue.

This place will allow you to dine and watch the sunset at the same time, so grab a late dinner and see what chef Niven Patel created.

Spend Swim Week With Us

Visit Glass and Vine during your stay in Miami and enjoy a meal in an unbelievable environment.