Best Restaurants For Families In Miami

Delicious Dish on a Plate in Restaurant

Miami isn’t most known as a family city, but for those living there and for the people traveling with their closest friends, it’s precisely that. So, it’s natural for you to do some research before flying off to an unknown part of the world.

It’s good that you took the extra time to prepare and see what the best family restaurants in Miami are. 

Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you. You won’t have to dig around the internet checking reviews and reading comments. We’ve done all that, visited these places, tried their food, and only saved the best for the blog.

Check out which family-friendly restaurants in Miami we recommend. Then, decide which ones you and your family are going to be visiting. The choice will be difficult, but you can’t make a mistake with either one.

And, to go straight for the best of all Miami family restaurants, check out Glass & Vine.

Root & Bone

It’s hard to talk about restaurants for families without mentioning soul food. Not many places in the city can actually be called high-quality soul food restaurants, but Root & Bone is definitely one of them.

Soul food is there to bring the family together. It’s there to make you feel like you’ve gathered around a big table and mom and grandma prepared enough for everyone. So, Root & Bone was a no-brainer for a list of the best Miami family restaurants.

Their story is quite an interesting one. The restaurant is owned by two chefs, both of whom have experience in Top Chef. 

Chef Janine Booth grew up in Australia and dedicated her life to preparing food for her closest. Chef Jeffrey McInnis comes from Niceville, Florida, and believes he was put on this earth to fish and cook. And he’s pretty impressive at both of those.

Root & Bone was the couple’s first restaurant, and after success in the big apple, they opened franchises in Puerto Rico and, finally, Miami.

The place turned out to do quite well and is known as one of the most renowned family-friendly restaurants in Miami. 

Despite all of the other qualities this place has, the food is still the main event. They have so many dishes that are to die for that it’s hard to recommend just a few.

Still, if we had to single out one dish, it would be the braised short rib meatloaf. That just makes us feel like we’re back home.

Visit Root & Bone to experience this feeling and see why this place is what restaurants for families should be like.

Glass & Vine

Glass & Vine is one of the most memorable family restaurants in Miami. Their garden is simply impossible to beat and puts them on the top of our list.

Don’t get us wrong, this place is excellent for dates, hanging out after work, and so many other things, but bringing your family here will surely be a memorable experience for all members. 

But what makes this place so unique? And why is it among the best family-friendly restaurants in Miami?

So many parts play a factor in this decision, but one detail puts Glass & Vine above the competition – the garden.

This restaurant’s patio is hidden in an area best described as a park. With trees and leaves all around, park benches, romantic lighting, and a perfect table setting, this outside area is quite hard to beat. 

Many people refer to Glass & Vine as a hidden garden by the sea, and the description isn’t far off.

This place is hard to describe with words, so your only option to experience the beauty is to go and witness it live.

If you go on a Wednesday, you’ll catch a live Jazz band playing from 6-9 pm.

The menu has no problem keeping up with the beauty of the exterior. Choose your favorites from a wide array of starters, salads, and dinner plates. We loved the spinach dip, and the grilled salmon was just amazing. 

Mi’Talia Kitchen & Bar

Mi’Talia is owned by some familiar people – chefs Janine Booth and Jeffrey McInnis. They both spent their fair share of time traveling the world and learning all types of cuisine. Luckily, at some point in their voyage, both chefs made a stop in Italy and studied the famous cuisine of this part of the world.

Mi’Talia is the love child of their interest and knowledge of Italian cuisine. The couple is known for having comfort food on the menu regardless of the theme of the restaurant they’re holding.

So, this place is a mix of cuisine from Southern and Northern Italy and American comfort food. Who doesn’t think that sounds delicious?

The menu sounds the same.

So, the starters feature Mama’s Meatballs, with slow braised beef and an original tomato sauce. You won’t find many starters in the city that can keep up with that.

Then, of course, there are the pizzas and the pasta dishes, which are unmatched. Try the spicy rigatoni vodka, and you can’t go wrong.

And, the main dishes are there for the hungry ones. You don’t become one of the best family restaurants in Miami without serving some proper main dishes. Try the veal chop or the Tuscan brick chicken, and experience all the flavors Mi’Talia offers.

Edge Steak & Bar

The outdoor terrace is what got this place on the list of the best Miami family restaurants. Don’t get us wrong, the place has other qualities, but the outdoor space is what makes it special.

They also have a contemporary dining room inside, but it doesn’t match having an outdoor dinner with perfect Florida weather.

This place is located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami and is led by Chef Aaron Brooks.

The chef isn’t afraid to improvise, which often grants him some of the best dishes Miami has seen. So, in this spot, you’ll find meals such as roasted oysters, charred cauliflower steak, and so on.

The opportunity to make everyone happy is what makes this one of the most convenient restaurants for families. Kids can have fun playing in the hotel’s garden or even roast s’mores in the fire pit on the outdoor terrace.

It will make the kids feel like they’re camping outside and not having dinner in of the city’s most prestigious hotels. The grown-ups can have pleasant conversations, enjoy well-prepared food, and take in the environment. It’s hard to find a place that covers all aspects of a good night.

This restaurant offers a lot for the whole family, so it’s worth visiting and checking out next time you’re in Miami.

Check Out Glass and Vine

Glass and Vine and its secret garden are a unique experience for every guest that steps into this oasis. You can’t find many restaurants in the world that can match their environment, so next time you’re in Miami, check out Glass and Vine for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.