Mexican Tequila Mule on the Table

Mexican Tequila Mule: Miami Classic – Glass & Vine Style

Mexican tequila mule is one of the finest and most stylish drinks among the ginger ale cocktails and beyond. The zesty ginger with the combination of tequila flavor and sparkling lime makes the tequila mule recipe a favorite for every occasion. This is one of the Moscow mule variations; essentially, a Moscow mule with tequila […]
Ricotta Spinach Dip in Bowl

How to Pair Ricotta Cheese Dip? See How We Do It!

Ricotta, an undervalued cheese if there ever was one, is essentially the Crumbly Cheese or Havarti Cheese of pasteurized cheeses; it’s excellent on its own but shines the most as a supporting player. It mellows down strong, bold tastes and gives smoothness to dry meals without adding wetness or heft. Ricotta’s somewhat sweet taste is […]
Bottle of Champagne and a Glass of Prosecco

Champagne vs Prosecco vs Cava – How to Know the Difference?

It’s always fun to order a bubbly drink, but do you know what you’re drinking exactly? Well, there is some difference between the three most popular sparkling wines i.e. champagne, prosecco wine, and cava. Essentially, when we discuss what is cava, prosecco vs champagne, or champagne vs sparkling wine, we have to take the making […]
Outside of the Glass&Vine Resturant

Why We in Glass & Vine Believe in Locally Sourced Produce

Glass and Vine prides itself on serving delicious locally sourced food. We source local produce directly from nearby farms and farmers’ markets. We also specify where our ingredients come from on our menu. This gives our guests a memorable food experience in terms of flavor and seasonality, among other benefits of eating local. Our guests […]
Cobb Salad on the Plate

Cobb Salad with Cobb Salad Dressing

One of the most popular salads in America, Cobb salad, has taken the world by storm. If you still haven’t got to try the original Cobb salad, you might feel a bit skeptical about its popularity; after all, how can a salad be so satiating? Well, with the number of nutritious ingredients, Cobb salad can […]
Peruvian Shrimp Ceviche in Bowl

What Is a Secret of a Great Peruvian Shrimp Ceviche

So, what is ceviche? Ceviche, also spelled as Cebiche, Seviche, or Sebiche, is a citrusy seafood dish popular throughout the coastal areas of Latin America, including Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Ecuador. Although there are disputes about the exact origin of this seafood, many can trace its roots to Peru, where shrimp ceviche is one of […]
Burrata Salad on Plate

What Is Burrata Salad?

We all crave something delicious yet light and refreshing to satiate our hunger from time to time. It’s at those moments that tomato Burrata salad can meet all of our demands and more. What’s more, this salad is rather easy to make; generally, it requires only 5-10 minutes of our time. Thanks to this ease […]
Shrimp Cocktail Sauce on Plate

History of a Shrimp Cocktail Sauce & How to Make It

When we talk about the shrimp cocktail history, we have to mention that shrimp cocktail sauce was the only starter at a dinner party back in the day. Nothing could beat this elegant combination of defrosted prawns and sweet red cocktail sauce.  People mainly order shrimp cocktails as their appetizer. This remains true today. But […]
Garlic Bread, Cheese, Peanuts, Olives and Ham in a Wooden Bowl

7 Unique Ways to Eat Garlic Bread

There’s hardly a person who doesn’t eat bread or some version of it from time to time, if not on a daily basis. After all, bread is so implemented in our lives that it has somehow become an essential pairing with the majority of different foods. There are millions of different types of bread that […]
Whiskey Cocktail on the Wooden Table

8 Best Whiskey Cocktails You Should Try

The world of whisky is something extremely unique and unbelievably deep due to the fact that this is an old drink and something that we can mix with a lot of other beverages to create a fun and interesting flavor. Thanks to its unique taste, the notion of the best whiskey drinks has been constantly […]