Brunch Party: Tips For Hosting Brunch For Your Friends

People Toasting Together

Hosting brunch can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing. Many girls think about pancakes, maybe some sides, and a drink and think that’s it. Well, that won’t be enough if you plan to leave an impression and throw a memorable brunch party.

Brunch time is more than just pancakes and mimosas. There are multiple things to think about and plan for if you want to do this right. Luckily, you’re in the right place to learn.

Keep reading to see our brunch hosting ideas and what’s our advice on preparing for this event. We’ll show you the perfect brunch menu, explain brunch etiquette, and share the ideal time and place to throw this party.

So, wait no more and start learning how to throw brunch for your friends.

Etiquette for Hosting Brunch

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start planning a brunch party. One of the first details that will make things easier is serving the food buffet style.

Without having to wait on people as you would at a formal dinner, you’ll have more time to interact and enjoy your friends’ company. And, the people will feel the more casual atmosphere and allow themselves to enjoy the food when they feel like it.

There are no specific rules on how much time you need to give someone to respond to a brunch invite. Our advice is to provide at least a week. Even sending out invitations two weeks before the event isn’t too much. 

Of course, to make planning a whole lot easier, always request an RSVP from all of your guests. This will allow you to purchase enough food and drinks, think about the seating, and set the table accordingly.

And, feel free to contact your friends if you don’t get the responses in time. A simple text or an email will give you all the information you need before brunch time.

Best Day and Time for a Brunch Party

Brunch hosting ideas tend to vary based on your friends’ interests in obligations. So, think about their jobs when deciding on a time and date.

Most often, Saturday and Sunday are reserved for brunch time. That comes from most people having 9-5 jobs and being unavailable during the workweek. 

If your friends don’t have a strict schedule, feel free to improvise on the day you plan to throw your party. It’s OK to have Wednesday brunch if it fits your guests’ calendar.

When it comes to the time of the day, 10 AM seems to be many peoples’ go-to. But, anything from 10 AM to noon is acceptable if you wish to call it brunch.

Brunch Hosting Ideas – The Perfect Brunch Menu

There are no strict rules for making a brunch menu. The only goal is to make the meal as fun as possible. And that goes for you the same as your guests.

Follow our tips to make sure everyone enjoys brunch time.

  • Have a buffet

Your guests won’t need to wait for you to take their orders, prepare, and carry their food. On top of that, you won’t have to run around and make sure everyone is fed. They’ll do that themselves.

  • Serve plenty of choices.

Nowadays, people enjoy so many unique diets and food styles. So, to make sure everyone finds something they like, serve a bunch of different foods.

  • Think about the allergies

It’s important to serve a variety of choices and let people enjoy different options, but make sure no one is allergic to your menu.

Safety is always the number one priority, and it should be that way for your brunch party as well.

  • Serve no last-minute dishes.

Serving dishes that require no last-minute preparations will allow you to make the brunch food in advance and not wait for the last minute. Food is an essential part of brunch, and you shouldn’t wait for the last minute to make a large amount of food.

So, rely on dishes like quiches and frittatas.

  • Don’t forget about fruit.

Not only does everyone enjoy refreshing with fruit, but adding a colorful tray will be visually appealing. Add a fruit tray to the menu, and you’ll see it become a great hit at the party.

  • French toast sits better than pancakes.

Most people put pancakes as the first item on their brunch menu. This may not be the best idea. Pancakes turn mushy after sitting out, which is something oven-baked french toast doesn’t do.

Think about this french delicacy as an alternative and see if your friends enjoy it as much as ours.

  • Use the oven

Don’t forget you’ll be the one cleaning this mess too. So, avoid using the flat top unless you have to. 

The oven is your best friend when hosting brunch, so try to utilize it in the preparations as much as possible.

Brunch Party Drink Menu

Deciding on a drink menu doesn’t have to be that difficult. You still have to think about variety as your most important task.

You should start with the non-alcoholic options. So, orange, apple, and tomato juice should be available. 

Then, coffee and tea are a must. Brunch takes part in the morning, and many people enjoy a warm beverage to start their day.

Many different cocktails are expected at brunch parties. However, mimosas, bloody Marys, and screwdrivers may be the most popular options. So, make sure to have at least three possible mixtures, if not more.

How to Make Your Brunch Stress-Free

The best cocktails in the world won’t make your party fun unless you are relaxed. So, follow our tips to make sure the host stays stress-free during the party.

  • Make a list

Working with a list of everything you need to get before the start of your party will let your brain relax a bit. You don’t have to memorize all the items as long as you have them on paper.

  • Work the night before

Brunch starts pretty early. So, working before your friends arrive means you’ll have to wake up at quite the hour. 

If you prepare most of the stuff the night before, you’ll get to sleep in and enjoy your party after a good night’s sleep.

  • Don’t overdo the decorations.

Your guests aren’t coming for the decorations. They’re there to have fun and enjoy good food, drinks, and company.

Troubling yourself with the decorations for too long will stress you without adding too much to the party.

  • Prepare a few stories.

Keep in mind that you’re the host, and it’s your job to keep the guests entertained. Prepare a few conversation starters to break the ice and relax your friends upon arrival.

  • Separate the food and drinks

To keep the guests from bumping into each other, it’s best to separate the food and drink stations.

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