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Margarita Cocktail

History Of The Margarita Cocktail

It’s hard to find a cocktail more popular worldwide than the famous margarita. It contains tequila, lime juice, and triple-sec orange liqueur. Add a salt rim to the glass and have a perfect drink for a summer’s day. Still, even though everyone likes to consume it, only a few people know the history of the […]
A Bartender Serving Beautiful Cocktail at the Bar

Drink Ordering: How To Order Cocktails With Confidence

Not everyone sounds like James Bond when ordering cocktails. But everyone wishes they do, right? Something about being confident when talking to a bartender makes us feel like a boss, and we’re here to help you get that feeling. You can make many adjustments to your bar game if you wish to sound like a […]
Glass & Vine Restaurant

The Story Of The Moscow Mule History

Moscow Mule is quite a famous cocktail worldwide, but many people can’t make it or know many things about its story. Yes, you’ve had it plenty of time, but do you know the Moscow Mule history? What goes into the mixture, and what’s the story behind copper mule cups? The answers – you’ll find them […]
Moscow Mule Cocktail With Lime, Mint and Cucumber

A Complete Guide to the Moscow Mule

Do you like cocktails? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Have you heard of the Moscow Mule before? Moscow Mule is a cocktail made of Vodka, ginger spice beer, and lemon juice. This is the main recipe, but you have a lot of Moscow Mule variations, such as Spicy Mule, English Mule, French Mule, Irish […]
Mexican Tequila Mule on the Table

Mexican Tequila Mule: Miami Classic – Glass & Vine Style

Mexican tequila mule is one of the finest and most stylish drinks among the ginger ale cocktails and beyond. The zesty ginger with the combination of tequila flavor and sparkling lime makes the tequila mule recipe a favorite for every occasion. This is one of the Moscow mule variations; essentially, a Moscow mule with tequila […]
Whiskey Cocktail on the Wooden Table

8 Best Whiskey Cocktails You Should Try

The world of whisky is something extremely unique and unbelievably deep due to the fact that this is an old drink and something that we can mix with a lot of other beverages to create a fun and interesting flavor. Thanks to its unique taste, the notion of the best whiskey drinks has been constantly […]
Refresh Yourself With This Great Aperol Spritz

Refresh Yourself With This Great Aperol Spritz

Refreshing, Italian, and classic, the Aperol Spritz has a long history in Italy and continues to be enjoyed by cocktail lovers around the world. Tones of sweet and bitter, and a whole lot of sparkly, brought to you by just the right amount of Prosecco and served with a fresh twist of orange, this delightful […]
Best Spring Cocktails for 2020

Best Summer Cocktails for 2020

Getting ready for summer doesn’t have to include only traditional summer cleaning, but also learning our fun summer cocktail recipes we have to offer here at Glass and Vine. If you’re looking for a good place to enjoy the summer weather with refreshing and tasty cocktails look no further than Glass and Vine. With summer […]