Drink Ordering: How To Order Cocktails With Confidence

A Bartender Serving Beautiful Cocktail at the Bar

Not everyone sounds like James Bond when ordering cocktails. But everyone wishes they do, right? Something about being confident when talking to a bartender makes us feel like a boss, and we’re here to help you get that feeling.

You can make many adjustments to your bar game if you wish to sound like a pro, and we’re here to tell you about them. 

Ordering at a bar doesn’t have to be a reason for anxiety. Instead, it can be your time to shine and show off a bit of that drink-ordering knowledge. 

So keep reading, and learn how to order drinks like the best of us. Then, come to Glass & Vine restaurant and see if your newfound knowledge passes the test of our bartenders.

Check the Menu First

This may seem obvious. But before you become a pro, sticking to the menu is your safest bet. Knowing what cocktail to order is hard when you haven’t tasted many options. And, since practice makes perfect, you should start trying.

Bars know that their cocktail makers prepare certain drinks better than others, and usually, that’s what you’ll find on the menu. If you’re trying to widen your drink-ordering knowledge, starting with the obvious options is the best. 

You’ll get to try the finest of what they offer and experience a well-made drink. 

That way, you’ll know if you prefer this mixture for another time or if it’s time to try something new. 

After some time ordering from the list, you can start naming your own stuff. It will most likely be something you’ve had at a different bar – from their menu.

Choose the Moments to Experiment

Getting people to go out of their comfort zone and try something they’ve never had is quite the challenge for most bartenders. However, things can get a bit stressful when people start overthinking their drink ordering.

We understand that the time you spend outside is your time to relax. You don’t want to care about the work of others and carry someone else’s problems during your time off. 

However, if you choose to experiment, try doing it when the staff isn’t in the weeds. 

Naming different cocktails based on what you like is fun for the folks at the bar, but only if they aren’t that busy. Sometimes, unfortunately, there’s no time to teach you how to order cocktails on the spot and figure out what you like based on your preferences. 

So, next time you’re ordering at a bar, check if the place is crowded. It may not be the best time to experiment.

Don’t Skip the Classics

Certain cocktails are so well-known that everyone has heard of them. We all know about the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, or a simple Daiquiri

It’s tempting to order drinks that aren’t on the menu or seem like something you won’t find anywhere else, but trying the classics should be among your first options. It will be hard to know what cocktail to order if you’ve never had the one that started it all. The Old Fashioned is supposedly the first cocktail ever made, and knowing what it tastes like is a must when you’re at the bar.

So, try the classics first, then order cocktails you’ve never heard of before. It’s the right way to learn.

Learn Your Preferences

To help yourself and the bartender, you need to learn what you like. 

Ordering at a bar is a whole lot simpler when you know your preferences. Tell the bartender – gin and citrus or vodka and lime, and they’ll have a starting point to create your perfect drink.

They’ll share a few modifications and name drinks based on what you give them, so it’s a matter of time until you find something you’ll absolutely love.

If You Don’t Know What You Don’t Like, Share What You Don’t

Sharing what you like is the simplest way to practice drink ordering. However, if that’s a bit complicated, learn what you don’t like and give the bar staff that info.

Bartenders are used to people not knowing what they want, so it shouldn’t be frustrating. Just share the flavors you don’t want, and they’ll give you alternatives that taste completely different. 

If you wish to order cocktails like a pro, you’ll have to work with the bartender and let them help you at the beginning of your journey. After a while, you’ll be confident enough to express your order fully.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Boring

You don’t have to order something exotic to be a pro at the bar. 

Most people overthink drink ordering and believe that the more complicated the cocktail is, the better it will be. Of course, that isn’t the case.

It’s completely fine to order something as plain and straightforward as a vodka soda. If you order it “straight-up,” it will come as you imagine it.

But, some cocktail makers will offer a splash of grape juice or something similar to give more flavor to the mixture. That’s an opportunity to put a twist on a familiar drink and try variations that you may prefer over the original.

Consider Where You Are in the Night

Deciding what cocktail to order will be influenced by where you are in the night. Naturally, your first drink, the one before dinner, and the one before you leave may be different. So, sharing that information with your bartender is a great idea.

By now, you’ve realized that talking to your bartender and giving them info is the safest way to ensure you’ll enjoy whatever you order. And that’s just the truth. The pros will always know better, and the more they learn about you – the easier it is to give a recommendation.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for a Replacement

Introverts will likely skip this step, but that’s something we all should work on. You should understand that even the busiest bartenders want their customers to enjoy their creations. 

So, if you get a drink that you dislike, feel free to send it back. Just be polite about it. 

If the bar is crowded, you may have to wait a few moments to get your replacement, but that’s a price you’ll have to pay for not sharing enough information.

Keep talking to the bartender, say what wasn’t up your alley, and find a drink you know you’ll love. And, of course, don’t forget to leave a tip for those who try their hardest to make your night an experience to remember.

Test Your Knowledge at Glass and Vine

We’ve shared enough tips for your first trip to the bar. You should know how to order drinks by now. It’s time to head somewhere nice and test your knowledge.

Glass and Vine is the perfect place to have a cocktail and enjoy the venue. Our staff will happily take you through the drink menu and mix something they know you’ll love.