Here are the 10 Best Wineries in Florida – For True Wine Lovers

Two Glasses of White Wine on the Table

Did you know there isn’t a reason for you to travel far to visit an excellent winery? Yes, if you decide to visit a winery in Florida, you won’t make a mistake because wineries in Florida are first-class. 

When someone thinks about wine, the first thought is that tasty nectar of gods. The second one is about the beautiful vineyards, which extend indefinitely.  

And when it comes to thinking about the location of those vineyards, many countries can come to our minds.  

The most famous wineries are located across the sea in France, Italy, and Spain. Wineries in Australia also can cross your mind, but have you ever thought about the ones here in Florida. 

Florida wineries are improving every year, and we cannot wait to see what the future brings for vineyard vines in the Sunshine State.   

If you are hunting for the best wineries in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll share with you our top picks if you are interested in wine tasting in Florida.   

The Best Wineries in Florida   

We’ve made a list of quite a few because we can’t choose just one winery in Florida. We hope that you’ll find something to your likening and that you’ll soon hop on a road trip for wine tasting in Florida. 

Florida wineries are unfairly underrated, and because of that, we are here to change your mind. After all, we couldn’t include every winery from Florida in this list because almost all of them deserve mention. We want to change that and promote what’s best from our state.  

Here are our picks:   

Schnebly Redland’s Winery   

The beautiful tasting room at Schnebly Redland’s Winery will leave you speechless. The Grand Tasting Room looks like it’s out of this world, with its marvelous mural on the ceiling and the beautiful tasting bar. If you know how to appreciate interior design and architecture besides wine tasting, this is the winery for you. The courtyard is nothing less outstanding and will make you feel like you are in a fairytale, making your afternoon of wine tasting in Florida memorable.   

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards   

A 127-acre estate offers you an insight into how the center of the State’s grape industry looked like, just 25 miles west of downtown Orlando. Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards is the largest and best winery in Florida, and it leaves no one indifferent. It’s known for its premium sparkling vineyard vines and remarkable vineyards.   

Quantum Leap Winery   

Quantum Leap Winery has a different approach than other wineries. They search for the best quality wine that’s been sustainably grown, and they ship it back to Florida. It’s where they store and finish it, offering customers authentic blends and packages. They have a very environmentally conscious practice and business model. Quantum Leap Winery uses packages with a low carbon footprint, like kegs, pouches, and boxes. And they transport their wine to their winery only in large vessels because they also reduce the carbon footprint. Quantum Leap Winery is the right choice for those who love to enjoy tasty wine with clear consciousness. 

Bunker Hill   

The wines at Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery are delicious and unforgettable. This is another environmental-friendly winery, so it’s definitely worth visiting. When you come here, you will feel like you are visiting an old friend. The atmosphere at Bunker Hill is like no other, but the wines are good too. If you are interested in learning how wine is made and getting insight into the wine-making process, you’ll have a treat here.   

Florida Orange Groves Winery   

It’s always worth visiting a family-owned and operated winery. And this one is a specific winery in Florida; it offers unique wines typical for this State. Tropical fruit wines are a specialty of this winery, and they offer over 43 different varieties of tropical fruit wines. If you visit Florida Orange Groves Winery, you must try Mango Mamma and Hurricane White Sangria, winning numerous awards.   

Murielle Winery   

Another family-owned and operated winery should be on your list of wineries in Florida to visit. Their vineyard wines are one of the finest and made out of premium grapes. This boutique winery offers grape wines blended with different fruits. Combinations like that will make you intrigued. Murielle Winery needs to be on a tasting in Florida tour because the tour wouldn’t be complete without it.   

Fiorelli Winery and Vineyard   

Fiorelli Winery produces only six to ten different wines every year. A practice like that makes their wines different and desirable. They are one of the unique Florida wineries. Their wines resemble classic wines from the old world, but they have a special touch from the new world.  

Whispering Oaks Winery   

After visiting this winery, you will also be whispering. You’ll be whispering the name of their unique blend. The Organic vino is created with particular freshly harvested blueberries. Their wine is far from usual and straightforward, and it’s worth trying.   

Florida Estates Winery   

Florida Estates Winery produces first-class wines. They combine the best vineyard vines from Florida with the finest wines from around the world. If you enjoy visiting wineries, you shouldn’t miss this one. The unique style of wine tasting lets you have picnics, so it’s ideal for a lazy afternoon visit.   

Bluefield Estate Winery   

Another winery that produces wine out of blueberries worth mentioning is Bluefield Estate Winery. The production of their wines started accidentally but made a great success. First, it was small, where owners produced wine for their friends and family, but now it’s much more than that. It still has that enchantment of a small winery, but they are much higher. Their wines have a fruity twist, and their specialty is blueberry and muscadine grape wine.   

Strong Tower Vineyard   

Strong Tower Vineyard can proudly present their grape varieties, from which their unique wines are created. Their prized Carlos Muscadine and vineyard wines are out of this world, but they also produce blueberry, sweet blueberry, strawberry, and even watermelon wines, when they are in season. If you are looking for a winery in Florida where you can enjoy your time outside in the vineyard, Strong Tower Vineyard is the right choice. Of course, there is a superior tasting room, but drinking wine on the veranda is much more enjoyable. It’s one of the Florida wineries that you don’t want to miss. 

True wine lovers know how to appreciate the premium nectar of gods. We know that whatever winery you visit in our Sunshine State, you will get a feast for your soul and palate. Every one of them has its own remarkable story and authenticity. So even if you choose only one from this list, you won’t get disappointed.  

And once your soul starts seeking different flavors and smells of wine, you need to visit us at Glass & Vine to try our selection of world-class premium wines from all over the world.