Everything You Need to Know About Legally Playing Music in Your Restaurant

Everything You Need to Know About Legally Playing Music in Your Restaurant

As a local Miami restaurant that regularly offers live music in Coconut Grove, we care deeply about making sure that the musicians who help us create a fun, relaxing, and laid-back environment for patrons like you, are properly compensated. You may wonder do restaurants need a license to play music. The answer is yes, and we take every step possible to make sure both the musicians who help us provide live music in Coconut Grove and the musicians who performed the pre-recorded tunes we play when we don’t have a band playing are compensated for their creativity and intellectual property.

If you want to have great food in Coconut Grove while enjoying songs being played in a restaurant, call us at (305) 570-4731 to book a reservation.

Playing Music in a Restaurant Legally

In order to play pre-recorded songs inside a restaurant, establishments of our size are required to have a license from the three performing rights organizations (PROs). These organizations represent artists and composers and make sure they are compensated when their songs are played in eateries like ours as well as in other businesses. They also make sure everyone is playing tunes in an eatery legally. Rest assured, we follow these guidelines because we care about supporting musicians and playing songs in a restaurant legally.

Why do restaurants need a license to play music? The reason is that songs are an artist’s and a composer’s intellectual prope rty, and they are legally entitled to be compensated for it when their tunes are played in an establishment like ours because we are a business, just like you must pay for an iTunes or Spotify account to listen to the latest hits. Playing tunes in a restaurant legally without a license is allowed, however, if the eatery plays classical tunes composed before 1922 because it’s in the public domain.

We don’t need a license to invite bands to play in our business. However, you can trust that we partner with the best local bands of all genres and make sure to pay them appropriately for bringing our restaurant a fun, casual atmosphere for patrons like you to enjoy.

Join Us for Live Music In Coconut Grove

While we love having background sounds to create a fun and relaxing environment, we believe there’s nothing better than offering band performances for our patrons like you! That’s why we work with so many local Miami musicians to bring exciting, fun sounds to your evening out at our eatery.

Our live band schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday nights: live jazz band
  • Thursday nights: live local band
  • Saturday mornings and early afternoons: live band and brunch

To add an even more special bit of Miami culture and flair, the first Thursday of every month we host Havana Night from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. These special nights include:

  • A live DJ
  • A bongo players
  • A cigar roller
  • $8 cocktails by Havana Club
  • $5 beers from Concrete Beach Brewery
  • Giveaways

Whatever band performance event you’d like to join us for, we’re are happy to serve you and create a fun experience for you that you won’t soon forget.

We Offer the Best Music in a Restaurant in Our Neighborhood

We Offer the Best Music in a Restaurant in Our Neighborhood

Now that you have your answer to the question, “Do restaurants need a license to play music,” we’d like to invite you to have a meal with us! In our Coconut Grove establishment, we want you to enjoy a great meal and the best musical performances in town. That’s why we work so hard with local artists to create a casual, relaxing, yet fun environment for you to enjoy our incredible food and drinks with pre-recorded or live music in Coconut Grove.

Whether you come to join us in our dining room or our outdoor seating areas, we want to create a great experience for you. We hope you’ll join us soon for a great meal. Call us today for a schedule of musicians playing soon or to make a reservation at (305) 570-4731.