Mexican Tequila Mule: Miami Classic – Glass & Vine Style

Mexican Tequila Mule on the Table

Mexican tequila mule is one of the finest and most stylish drinks among the ginger ale cocktails and beyond. The zesty ginger with the combination of tequila flavor and sparkling lime makes the tequila mule recipe a favorite for every occasion. This is one of the Moscow mule variations; essentially, a Moscow mule with tequila instead of vodka. If you’re already a fan of the Moscow mule, you will love the Mexican tequila mule drink in a copper mug with sparkling lime in it as well. A fantastic choice for warm summer days.

A Moscow Mule with Tequila

As the name suggests, the Mexican tequila mule recipe is based on the Moscow mule; just like vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Russia, so is tequila in Mexico. There are other Moscow mule variations but the Mexican tequila mule is a true Miami classic that we at Glass & Vine are happy to serve to our customers.

Mexican Tequila Mule Recipe Ingredients

Mint: to enhance the flavor and freshness of the tequila mule drink.

Ginger beer: as one of the staple ginger ale cocktails, ginger beer is a must, usually a non-alcoholic one.

Lime: always use fresh limes for Moscow mule with tequila. Avoid bottled lime juice that’s been preserved for ages, as it will make the drink darker and dull in taste. Nothing can beat the freshly squeezed limes.

Tequila: we use traditional tequila but silver tequila can be used as well. It has a slightly different flavor but still a very similar taste to the original.

Orange liqueur: this is an optional choice for the drink. The orange liqueur is only used to give an extra citrus flavor.

Agave: agave is an old-fashioned ingredient to mix with drinks. If you prefer a less sweet drink then you should probably go for agave rather than the actual sugar.

As one of the most popular Moscow mule variations, the Mexican tequila mule is made by two methods, with or without the syrup. A recipe without syrup calls for a lot of sugar, which is often the case with ginger ale cocktails. For an even sweeter taste, simply add ½ syrup. Mint adds freshness to tequila, as a perfect ingredient for layering of flavors and aromas.

Once you have your bubbly tequila mule loaded with sparkling lime and ginger, add a sprinkle of mint for garnish. The first sip will provide the cooling burst, ideal in the midst of hot summer.

What You Need to Know About Mexican Tequila Mule

Why Are Mule Cocktails Served in Copper Mugs?

A fancy copper mug looks nice, which is why most people prefer to have their Mexican tequila mule served like that. But there’s a practical reason as well; namely, copper mugs maintain the drink’s coolness rather well.

The Modern Glass Tumbler Style

Instead of using copper mugs, glass tumblers are also used nowadays as a way to enhance the overall presentation of the cocktail. These look fancy and are perfect for the beachy Miami feel.

How to Make the Cocktail at Home

To make a Mexican tequila mule at home, you’ll need three main ingredients: lime, ginger, and tequila. Mint and sweeteners can be optional.

Start by squeezing lime into the glass first and then add tequila in a standard quantity of 1.5-2 ounces. Fill the copper mug or glass tumbler with ice. In case you have neither, you can also serve the drink in the stemless wine glasses for the elegance factor. Pour 4-6 ounces of ginger beer in with a sprinkle of mint garnish. 

Even though this drink is mainly known as a refreshing summer cocktail, it’s still perfectly tasty and fun all year round. Regardless of the time of year and the occasion, you can always greet your guests with this homemade cocktail recipe.

In general, people love Mexican tequila mule as it requires rather simple and readily available ingredients that enhance the taste of tequila. In that respect, it’s super easy and quick to make.

The zesty flavor is rather refreshing, but it’s perfectly possible to up the sweetness and rich flavor with added agave syrup, orange liqueur, and similar. Thanks to this pleasant mix of zesty and sweet, the Mexican tequila mule is often considered a more delicious choice compared to the Moscow mule made with vodka.

There’s hardly anything more appropriate for a lazy summer afternoon or evening than a refreshing cocktail drink. As a Miami-based restaurant located in Coconut Grove by the sea, we at Glass & Vine always look to deliver the perfect drinks and food menus in a true Miami fashion. If you’re feeling like you need to relax and take a breather in the summer heat, we invite you to recuperate and relax in the luscious garden oasis of Glass & Vine.