Tips: How to Make Your Kids Healthier by Eating Fruits

Kids Eating Healthy Fresh Fruit Diet Concept

It’s not easy being a parent, and it can get quite challenging. You must adequately raise your children and keep them healthy. But it’s not that simple to have super healthy kids, living in a world where we are surrounded with unhealthy options. And we all know how much children enjoy eating not-so-healthy snacks.   

But with a few tips and tricks, your kids will start loving fruits, and for you growing healthy children won’t be that demanding. We’ll let you in on our confidential tips and share our favorite healthy fruit snacks for kids with you.  

Why Every Child Needs to Eat Fruit  

Nutritionally poor foods are a wrong choice for everyone, no matter the age, but especially for kids growing up. Highly processed foods and snacks that kids typically eat are not doing anything good for their developing bodies. Refined sugars, artificial flavors, and colors can only damage, so choosing a healthier option to growing healthy children. 

There are several reasons why fruits snacks are the best for children, and we will name a few. Fruit is sweet, obviously, and kids love sweet things. Most fruits are easy and ready to eat without any prior preparation. Healthy fruit snacks for kids are not an impossible dream; they are real and achievable.   

And once the kids get used to fruit snacks, they’ll ask for them instead of processed foods and snacks.   

How to Make Your Kids Eat More Fruit  

You’ll probably be aware of why kids need to eat more fruits instead of processed snacks, but the ongoing struggle is how to make them like the fruit. Or even how to make them eat more fruit in the first place.   

It’s not that tricky once you think about it, and this is what you should do to have super healthy kids:   

  • You need to set an example   
  • Teach them the importance of fruits   
  • Start with things kids are familiar with   
  • Get your kids involved   
  • Play with the food   
  • Spice things up   
  • Search for new recipes or invent new ones   

Maybe this list isn’t that straightforward, so we’ll explain everything now.   

Set an Example   

It’s normal if your children want to eat snacks if you are eating them. When they are little, most of the things they do are because they see them from someone else, thus learning and reproducing habits. So, for your children to start eating fruits, the easiest thing you can do is set an example. If you are eating fruits, it’s most likely that your kid will want to try it. Even if they don’t like it the first time they try, they will want to try something new again, because they’ll want to imitate you. It’s even an excellent opportunity to try something new and discover tasty fruit snacks with your kids. And don’t forget that it’s always easier to show something to a kid than to ask them to do it and expect them to do it immediately.   

Teach Them the Importance of Fruits   

It would be best to teach them why fruits are essential for all human beings. You could do it through play or exciting stories. If it’s fun for them, they’ll quickly acquire the knowledge. Be careful with explaining, and try to do it simply for them to understand you.   

Start With Things Kids Are Familiar With   

Are there any fruits or flavors your kids are familiar with already? If there are, start with them. If they are familiar with eating apples, start giving them apples instead of processed treats every day. When they get used to eating fruits in general, you can introduce new fruit and a new flavor. To avoid getting overwhelmed, you should never introduce various fruits simultaneously.   

Get Your Kids Involved  

Like we mentioned, kids like to look up to you, so why not get them involved in preparing the food. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to spend more time with your kids and learn more about food’s importance. They can be around while you prepare your meals, and once it’s time for dessert, they can prepare some fruit recipes for kids with you. Depending on the age, for some children using knives is out of the question, but in that case, you can always prepare most of the fruit and let them arrange it in the place.   

Another great way of involving your kids is taking them to the grocery store and teaching them the variety of fruits available. You can let them choose a new fruit and teach them how to pick the ripe one. And when you get home, you can show them how to wash the fruit and prepare 

them as healthy fruit snacks for kids.   

Play With the Food  

Sometimes playing with food is used in a bad connotation. Because of that, many will tell you shouldn’t do it, but in this case, you should. And playing with food is connected to the previous tip of getting your kid involved. If they don’t want to eat the fruits, maybe they think it’s boring. So, let’s make it fun, and plate, and decorate as they do it in restaurants. Together, you can arrange Michelin star worth dishes with your desired fruits and finally make those fruits snacks enjoyable. Or you can spice it up by cutting fruits in different shapes using a cookie cutter and your imagination. Everything will be even more impressive if you stick with eating the rainbow and make your plates colorful.   

Spice Things Up  

Did you notice that your kids don’t like eating certain types of fruit, or they don’t like a specific type of texture? It can be frustrating but easily manageable. Try making smoothies or milkshakes with different fruits for your little ones if they don’t want to eat the whole fruit. An easy way of spicing things up is making a sorbet. This cold and tasty dessert is made out of only fruit and fruit juice, so it’s a perfect refreshing fruit snack that’s also healthy. You could also juice the fruit and give them only that, or even dehydrate the fruit and make some chips.   

Search for New Recipes or Invent New Ones  

We’ve given you a few exciting examples of how you can spice things up for your healthy growing children and their fruits snacks. But what happens when you don’t have any more ideas? It’s easy to search for new recipes—search for fruit recipes for kids and healthy fruit snacks for kids. There are many exciting ones out there, and you’ll find the perfect fruit recipe for kids, or you can always use your imagination and invent one. An easy and verified method is to ask your friends with kids for recipes or your parents. No doubt that you’ll find a gem of a recipe for your super healthy kids. Fruits don’t have to be a snack; you can also incorporate them into various dishes, such as salads. That’s also a great way to incorporate fruits into their diet.  

And when you don’t know what you should prepare for your kids, visit us at Glass & Vine to try our kid’s menu full of tasty and exciting food for your little ones. We know that you’ll love it, and your kids will love it, especially the sorbet.