What Is Burrata Salad?

Burrata Salad on Plate

We all crave something delicious yet light and refreshing to satiate our hunger from time to time. It’s at those moments that tomato Burrata salad can meet all of our demands and more. What’s more, this salad is rather easy to make; generally, it requires only 5-10 minutes of our time. Thanks to this ease and convenience, as well as the incredible taste, it’s no wonder that people keep choosing Burrata salad over and over again.  

What Is Burrata Salad?

When we talk about what is Burrata salad we first have to start by mentioning what kind of cheese is Burrata. Essentially, the cheese, star of this salad, comes to life with mozzarella, along with fresh cheese and cream. We can prepare the salad by combining it along with tomatoes. It’s also a great option for people who are looking for different ways on how to serve Burrata cheese. What’s more, this fresh salad delivers numerous health benefits as well.

What Do We Need to Prepare Burrata Salad?

Let’s take a look at the main ingredients we’ll need to prepare tomato Burrata salad. Make sure to carefully go through the list of ingredients and get everything you need.

  • Burrata cheese. This will be the main ingredient of this salad. It’s possible to find it in almost all grocery stores across the country. The cheese is typically available at local farmer’s markets, too.
  • Arugula. Choose either baby arugula or standard arugula for this salad.
  • Ripe tomatoes. Think twice before using season tomatoes. The true delight of tomato Burrata salad comes from really ripe and juicy tomatoes.
  • Vinegar and olive oil
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Salt and pepper

Steps to Prepare Burrata Salad

Once you have the ingredients ready, follow these steps to prepare the Burrata salad. All the steps associated with this recipe are simple and straightforward. Therefore, we will never come across any struggles when trying to recreate this recipe at home.

  • Start off by slicing all of the tomatoes. Try to make the slices about ¼ inches thick. Get a serving platter ready as well. Arrange the arugula leaves and tomato slices. 
  • Proceed by sprinkling the fresh basil leaves over the sliced tomatoes evenly.
  • Next, take burrata cheese and cut it into small pieces. It would be ideal to use a serrated knife to get the job done perfectly. In general, a 4.4-ounce ball of burrata cheese can be cut into around 8 pieces. These pieces should be placed above the tomatoes.
  • Follow up by sprinkling pepper and salt over burrata and tomatoes evenly. Then drizzle extra virgin olive oil. Finally, add aged balsamic vinegar to top it all off.

After following these steps, we’ll end up with a perfect Burrata salad. Hence, we can go ahead and enjoy it immediately. That said, keep in mind that it’s always better to prepare the salad right before it’s time to serve.  This will allow for the best and juiciest blend of tastes.

Adding vinegar to Burrata salad is something optional. Those who love the taste of olive oil without vinegar can ignore the last step and enjoy a more robust and richer taste at the end of the day.

How to Serve Burrata Cheese Salad?

At the time of serving, it’s a good idea to cut Burrata into fourths. This makes the serving, eating, and presentation a lot better. There are also numerous dishes that can be paired with this salad and served together. For instance, pasta dishes and grilled chicken go amazingly well with Burrata and tomatoes.

What Kind of Cheese Is Burrata?

When we talk about what is Burrata salad, we obviously have to focus our attention on Burrata cheese and what kind of cheese is Burrata.

There are numerous types of cheese that we can buy from the market as of now. Among them, fresh mozzarella cheese is the most popular. This is an Italian cheese variety, which is made out of water buffalo milk or cow milk. However, Burrata cheese is made by forming mozzarella cheese into a pouch and filling that up with soft curd and cream. Hence, we may as well call Burrata cheese an enhanced version of mozzarella cheese.  

When we go to a supermarket or local grocery store looking to purchase Burrata cheese, it will soon become apparent that this cheese comes along with the skin. It’s safe to consume the skin as well as it also holds a richness of flavor.

And when we’re looking for ways on how to serve Burrata cheese without a salad per se, it’s typical to keep it at room temperature. However, some of us simply prefer a cooler-tasting cheese, and it’s perfectly fine to keep this cheese in a fridge for a while before serving/eating it. In the end, it’s all about personal preference.

Is It Possible to Customize Burrata Salad?

One of the best things about Burrata salad is that we have the freedom to customize it however we want. There are numerous ingredients that we can add in order to tweak the taste. The following are some of the go-to ingredients for customizing this salad that are all great options to play with when we’re just starting to develop our culinary skills.

French Bread

Adding French bread enhances the taste of Burrata salad. Of course, people who are gluten intolerant can always use gluten-free bread instead of the French one. Original Burrata salad is already gluten-free.


Any type of mustard that we add to Burrata salad can help enhance the overall taste. However, keep in mind that this taste can create a rather strong impact so make sure that everyone who will get to eat this salad actually enjoys the spicier result.


We can also use honey to enhance the great taste that comes along with Burrata salad. Just make sure to use the right amount of it; too much can end up being too sweet and reduce the freshness.   

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