Most Iconic Miami Dishes That You Need to Try

Most Iconic Miami Dishes That You Need to Try

The title of a foodie wouldn’t mean much if the foodie in question failed to appreciate the diversity of Florida cuisine. To be even more specific, the range of interesting flavors of Miami won’t leave anyone indifferent. As such, many foodies on a mission have planned many a trip to The Magic City in order to experience the most iconic dishes of the area as well as share a bit of the pleasure with their followers on social media. In case you too are planning a visit to Miami in hope of trying the staple foods that the city has to offer, the following list might help with your choices as well as prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

What to Eat in Miami


There’s a lot of expectations around famous food places in Miami but what you can expect for sure is some of the finest Latin American and Caribbean-style dishes. That said, you definitely can’t go wrong with ordering yourself chicharron, which is the most delicious presentation and preparation of fried pork skin. Yes, you might think this is too plain, but don’t judge the dish before you try it for yourself. There’s a good reason why chicharron is a South American cuisine staple that the city of Miami takes very seriously.


Stone Crabs

If you’re visiting Miami between the months of October and March, you’re in for a true seafood treat. This is the season of stone crabs, one of the most iconic dishes that this city and entire South Florida are known for. Stone crabs are actually different from regular crabs; their tender and succulent meat makes them especially delicious. They’re most commonly served ice-chilled and seasoned to allow the foodies to appreciate the full glory of this spectacular dish.

Grilled Fish Sandwich

As a haven for seafood lovers, it’s no wonder that Miami is the go-to place to get your fix of the most delectable seafood meals. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity as the grilled fish sandwich is definitely one of the most iconic Miami dishes. The fish is typically a fresh grouper fillet, with juicy and tender meat that melts in the mouth. Paired with brioche buns, it’s bound to become one of your favorites, especially when you get it served with arugula, tomato, chipotle aioli, and pickled onions.


If you’re looking for another must eat in Miami, don’t hesitate to continue with Latin American cuisine. Namely, the arepa is the iconic dish we’re talking about. The dish is very versatile as it allows you to pick and choose the fillings or even go completely plain. As such, it can turn from a snack to a hearty meal filled with meat, veggies, and cheese in an instant! And if you want to eat arepas in a true Miami style, make sure to order pulled pork, avocado, and melted cheese for your stuffing.


Ceviche is the ideal choice for hot Miami weather as it is served uncooked and completely fresh, thus often referred to as the “catch of the day.” Ceviche is so popular in Miami that it has become a sort of a rule to have ceviche on the menu wherever you sit to eat. The raw fish is soaked in lemon/lime juice and often topped off with a spicy touch of aji or chili peppers. So, if you find yourself craving something savory yet refreshing at the same time, ceviche is the way to go.

The Cuban Sandwich

Another sandwich on this list will amaze even the most critical foodies out there. While the concept of a sandwich is nothing new, The Cuban Sandwich is somewhat of a concept of its own. This particular dish features a perfect blend of roasted pork and Swiss cheese, together with baked ham, yellow mustard, and dill pickles, all served on fresh Cuban bread. Even though the prep seems rather simple, as this is a sandwich, the key to the popularity of this dish lies in the intricacy and skill necessary to mix up the ingredients and depends largely on the quality of those ingredients, too.

Churrasco (Steak)

Argentinian cuisine is a huge part of the must eat places in Miami as well. Essentially, one of the most iconic Miami dishes is none other than churrasco, which is basically a grilled steak served with a chimichurri sauce. But there’s a twist to this story. Churrasco doesn’t limit the foodies to just one type of meat; actually, one can order several different types of meat prepared in churrasco style in order to savor and enjoy the varied flavors of this authentic dish.

Key Lime Pie

Miami definitely won’t disappoint those of you with a sweet tooth. Even if you’re not the biggest lover of sweets, you simply cannot miss the chance to try the well-loved key lime pie when in The Magic City. The pie is not heavy at all yet it provides true pleasure for all the senses with its intricate blend of crunchiness, creaminess, and sweetness.


Now, Mofongo is definitely something different. It’s an Afro-Puerto Rican dish that combines several different ingredients. Fried plantains are the star of Mofongo that get mixed and smashed together with garlic and chicharrones. Once smashed, they get molded in a pilon. If you’ve never had plantains before, you can safely expect to love them as they are some of Miami’s most popular dish ingredients and very rich in flavor.


Fried Snapper

The Haitian community is very strong in the city of Miami, and it’s only natural that Haitian cuisine is going to be rather popular as well. As such, true foodies absolutely have to try the fried snapper during their Miami visit. Your belief that you’re not the biggest fish lover will undoubtedly change upon taking a bite of this particular fish dish. Take the snapper with pikliz and be prepared to be amazed.

Shrimp and Watermelon Salad

Now, have you ever expected to stumble upon a mix of flavors as rich and refreshing as this one? The shrimp and watermelon salad is one of the most iconic Miami dishes as it effectively represents the tropics and seafood culture of the area. The dish typically features poached pink shrimp, watermelon, basil, mint, arugula, cilantro, sesame seeds, lemongrass, jalapenos, and ice hot dressing, ideal for those warm Miami days.

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