What You Should Know About Wine Tasting For This Valentine’s Day

Red Wine Pouring Into a Wine Glass. Shallow Depth of Field.

February 14th is the perfect day for a special date, right? And wine tasting may be the perfect activity to spice things up instead of going to the same old restaurant you always visit. This year, you’re doing something a bit more romantic.

But are you ready for such an event? If you’re completely new to this kind of gathering, we’re here to tell you more about it. 

Wine-tasting etiquette is nothing too complicated that you can’t handle. But there are a few things you should know before going for the first time. 

Keep reading and check out our tips if you wish to be ready for Valentine’s day.

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Wine Tasting Dress Code

There are a few key things to remember when talking about the wine-tasting dress code. Firstly, don’t forget the spills. You shouldn’t wear any dangling pieces of clothing to avoid causing accidental spillage. Also, wearing dark colors is recommended, as it will hide any stains that may occur. 

Considering the venue is another detail worth considering. Make sure not to underdress for the occasion.

For women who don’t like standing in high heels, we recommend wearing flats or kitten heels. You don’t want feet pain to ruin a perfect Valentine’s day.

Tieing your hair is also worth considering if you’re trying to avoid spills during the event, and it will allow you to spit more easily. 

And finally, check if you’ll need a purse. Keep in mind that you’ll have only one hand available during the night, as the other will be holding a glass. So, if you wish to carry a notebook or a tablet, bring a purse that can hold it easily.

Fragrance Can Ruin the Fun

We’ve all seen the pros order wine. They always take a quick sniff of the glass. Well, wearing fragrance for this type of event can affect that experience.

Smelling is a large part of tasting wine and shouldn’t be underappreciated. However, that’s impossible to do when delicate aromas are mixed with your perfume.

So, if you really wish to follow the rules, skip the fragrance – that’s wine-tasting etiquette. After all, you’ll be the one missing out if you choose to do otherwise.

Have a Plan

Most tastings will have plenty of bottles for you to try. Since trying each one isn’t the best idea, our advice is to come prepared. See if it’s possible to get a wine list before the event and plan what you wish to sample.

Usually, the plan consists of you going through wines from lighter to heavier bottles. Our advice is to start with something sparkling, then move on to fresh whites, followed by richer whites and tannic reds.

However, there are multiple possible approaches to creating a tasting plan. For example, you can sample only wines from a specific region, like Italy or France. Or, only drink Chardonnay all night. There are plenty of options.

One of the popular approaches consists of two main parts. Your goal is to taste the classics and explore the unfamiliar. So, go for the big names first and make sure you get there before the rest of the crowd. Then, when you’re done with the familiar flavors, try something different and a bit less mainstream. 

Also, don’t be afraid to try someone else’s favorites. If you and your partner prefer different wines, dare to give their options a shot too. Wine tasting can be a lot more than simply drinking the bottles you know you’ll like.

Wine Tasting Food Is Important

Most people focus on drinking, but wine-tasting food can play a factor in how you spend the night. If you choose not to eat anything, you’ll likely get drunk quite quickly.

Keep in mind that you’ll be sampling a fair amount of wine, and doing so on an empty stomach isn’t the best idea. So, make sure you don’t go hungry and eat beforehand.

Or, if there is wine-tasting food available at the event, schedule a break and have something. And don’t be afraid to drink a bit of water to stay hydrated.

Don’t Forget to Spit

We know it’s called wine tasting. And yes, no one likes to waste perfectly good wine. However, you will be sampling more than a few bottles. Even though those tasting pours don’t seem like anything, they quickly add up.

So, if you wish to experience the event fully, spitting will be a must. But don’t worry; there are rules you can follow and do it like a pro. 

Each table will have a bucket meant for this purpose. We know it may not seem glamorous, but that’s how it’s done, and the workers are used to it. There’s no reason to be shy about it. If there’s wine left in your glass, and you don’t wish to finish it, feel free to pour it into the bucket as well.

When it comes to spitting, we recommend practicing at home. You shouldn’t do it too hard or slow, but if there’s one thing you must avoid – that’s creating a backsplash. 

If there’s too much wine in the bucket already, feel free to ask for it to be changed before you sample the bottle. Or, if there’s a crowd already gathered around the bucket, wait a few moments before you sample the bottles nearby.

Keep Notes

Maybe you were surprised when we mentioned that people carry notebooks and tablets to these events, but there is an explanation for that. Keeping notes during a wine tasting is more important than you may think.

At the event’s beginning, you think you’ll remember all the wines you loved. However, as the glasses add up, that memory starts to fade. And, a few hours later, you can’t name a single bottle you enjoyed.

They are all relatively close to each other, and some names are more memorable than others. So, after a while, it’s hard to recognize whether you remember a wine because you liked it or because the name was catchy.

So, take notes of what you like. If writing isn’t your thing, use your phone to take photos of the bottles that you enjoyed the most.

Talk to the Hosts

The winemakers are the underappreciated stars of these types of events. Usually, they have a story behind each wine, making you appreciate it even more. So, our advice is to try conversing with the winemakers as much as possible, as they will make the night more interesting.

Also, if you have any questions, these are the people to ask.

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